Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laura: It's Not Just a Coincidence...Dreaming Big Is Right In Front of Me!

Thoughts on Dreaming Big...
I’ve been thinking a lot of the power dreaming BIG lately. In fact, dreaming big has been put in front of me so much lately that I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The idea is to dream big.  Really BIG.  As in HUGE.  Dreaming big is different than goal setting.  There isn’t always a step-by-step business plan that follows.  It’s about searching deep within your heart, and paying attention to whispers inside of you that are softly telling you what you are meant to be. Meant to do. The practical side of ourselves silences these voices and tells us to settle for the status quo.  The practical side of ourselves tells us these dreams will never happen…that they are too big, too risky, too selfish, just plain out-of-this-world never gonna happen. Do me a favor…give yourself a chance to dream big!

Consider this:
  1. I’ve seen fellow bloggers and friends refer to “Mondo Beyondo” dreams for 2011 so often that I made a note to think about this. For some reason, I brought Mondo Beyondo dreams up to Kelly during a weekly art session.  We’ve also written several notes back and forth about this.
  2. I felt the need to create a page in my art journal for a big dream list. I must have sat in silence for 20 minutes, trying to get the courage to write a dream down.  THAT is when I knew this was something that I needed to do.  It was as if I was having an internal battle between the practical side of myself and the creative, think bigger side of myself.  It was SO hard for me! I finally got my pencil moving.  Most of the dreams involve traveling.  Example: visit Puerto Rico with my family, or take a trip to Europe with my husband. 
  3. I shared the list with Kelly, and she noticed that I hadn’t dug deep enough/ dreamed big enough with my list.  Sure, it was a good list, but it wasn’t crazy-big.  She mentioned this fact to me (that the dreams were not big and personal enough).  She was so right, and I knew it!  More dreamwork was in order.
  4. During a quiet hour in the car, Mondo Beyondo dreams (dreaming big) came to my mind again, and this time I allowed myself to really think on it.
  5. I also felt the need to record a video log this week, finally having the courage to accept that this is something I will be working on, and starting with a big dream of mine. I then played the video back and really listened to myself. I looked at my facial expressions (very telling) and thought about everything some more.
  6. Several friends of mine have dreamed big, and seen the dreams come true, even in the last few weeks!
  7. I had an “aha!” moment where something came to me and nearly knocked the wind out of me:
    Your future will only be as big as you dare to dream. 

This revelation was just what I needed.  Your future will only be as big as you dare to dream.  OK. Got it.  Dreamwork continues!

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  1. I am luving this post ... and I dare you ... we ain't to old and proper ... not to love a dare ... are WE ... I'm not!

  2. You gotta dream big for your life, if you don't who will? Others are often too concerned about themselves.. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! XO hugs