About Alease ...

My Philosophy

My educational philosophy is driven by the phrase, “knowledge is the ability to….” This phase means knowledge is power, strength, and possibility. It empowers one with the ability to accomplish anything.

 Education has always been very important to me, and it has always been an integral part of my life. I see myself as a lifelong learner who will always be learning through research, experience, and interaction with others. One reason I love the act of teaching is to share what I have learned with my students, but also look forward to learning even more from my students. 

 Since my first few days in the classroom, I have spent much time reflecting on what my perspective good teaching is, recollecting my impressions of my past teachers and professors, mentors, colleagues, and most important my parents. I also have critically analyzed my own teaching strengths, weakness, and style, which has inspired me to experiment with new strategies and to consult with more experienced teachers for their advice.

An educator is one who is respectful, understanding, approachable, and supportive. The way I interact with my students, is by demonstrating respect for them and their learning ability. Teaching is a gift, which I respect and consider a passion. It is my calling to teach others what I love.

My Passion

Alease finds inspiration all around her. Her passion is to breathe new life into bits and pieces of old worn and forgotten elements and incorporate them into my work. She uses many different mediums to create her collages. She enjoys the idea of implying the rough outline of a story with the images she chooses and the bits of ephemera she adds. She has always been wildly drawn to art of creativity beautiful things. As a little girl she could be found cutting paper dolls dresses of dressing her many Barbie dolls.

She continues to nurture her love for creating beautiful things by teaching others what she loves. She is a native of South Carolina currently living in Rock Hill, South Carolina with her beloved dog, Maxwell. Alease has over 15 years experience in merchandising, styling, management and promotion. She is full-time faculty member at the Art Institute of Charlotte. Alease holds a BA in Graphic Design from University of South Carolina and MA in visual arts from Goddard College. She enjoys the creative process of working with a variety of materials; cutting, pasting and painting her artwork by hand. 

Alease’s love for family history led her to explore family photography as away to share life stories of her family and other families. Alease considers herself a collage architect. Her passion for family history has allowed her construct compositions made of fragments of different photos, and objects, letters to tell stories. 
Alease believes that her collages put simply, are a celebration of family. They call forth pride and the need to celebrate being part of a family. She has a strong desire to translate family life into a mix-media format. Her work allows the viewer to create their own stories about their family and people that grace their lives.

My Work Experience

Creative & Marketing Director, Flow by Tara Davis, Dr. Cris G, Darrall Roach; Curriculum Developer, NITT; Department Chair of Fashion Marketing at the Art Institute of Charlotte;  Fashion Merchandising Instructor, American Business & Fashion; Associate Professor- Fashion Marketing & Mangagement, Art Institute of Charlotte; Assistant Manager, Payless Shoesource, After School Enrichment Program Art Coordinator; Reid Park Elementary and Mecklenburg Co. Park and Recreation; Area Manager, Precise Shoes; Visual Merchandiser, Belk and Stein Mart; Graphic Designer, Procal Decal and Delmar Printing; Modeling Instructor, John Casablanca Modeling and Talent Agency; Merchandise Trainer, Paramount Carowinds; Fashion Show Producer, Xpedx Printing and Capriccio Designs; Fashion Stylist, VAB Modeling Agency;Wardrobe Consultant, UNITY Production and Rock Hill Community Playhouse; Assistant Purchasing Agent, South Carolina Arts Commission; Fashion Consultant, Goodwill Industries, North Carolina Career-Technical Education Conference, Mecklenburg Co. Work First Program, Social Grace Charm School, Charlotte Observer, Charlotte Business Journal, DigeratiCafe.com, Newsobserver.com, Ardmoreite.com and Indystar.com; Makeup Artist, Surrounding Photographer, Fashion Specialist, ACICS, Contemporary Mix-Media Artist, Alease Michelle Studio. Membership/Organizations: ASC (Rock Hill Arts and Science Council), ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education).

My Education

M.A. Visual Arts, concentration in Fashion Communications from Goddard College, Plainfield ,VT; B.A. Art Studio, concentration in Graphic Design from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC