About Sonya ...

God has blessed Sonya with a rare gift of conceptual vision backed with solid design skills. She has more than a decade of experience delivering print, web, and multi-media projects to clients. Sonya's willingness to become fully involved in a project, from concept to completion, ensures that every client project has a successful outcome. Sonya is a fashion graduate of O'More College of Design and  a continuing student at Nashville State, where she studied visual communications. A dual platform graphic designer with the ability to master most design tools and media.

For many years Sonya worked in the fashion & newspaper industry. She worked as a buyer/manager for  boutiques & mass merchants. Sonya's love of cowboy boots and western wear comes from studying this culture while buying this unique apparel for a mass boot merchant in Tennessee. Later, working for a publishing giant, Sonya mastered the art of publishing from advertising to editorial while creating her business eastwind productions.

The love of her children inspired Sonya to petition her FATHER to care for the gift of her children and on July 14 - 2008, Sonya quit the best paying job she ever had. With a huge mortgage and car note ... Sonya began her journey of learning to depend completely on him.

Sonya also  has a natural love of photography & gardening. Early childhood exposure to French and European culture provide the foundation for Sonya's unique design sense and style.

Sonya enjoys collaborating with her creator and is simply blow away by HIS power, each and every day.