What is a biz marathon anyway?

What is a biz marathon anyway?

Since a marathon is described as A long-distance race than a Biz (Business) Marathon is a long distance race for creative business success & excellence.

We have gathered here in this space to create business plans and strategies in a marathon type fashion, in a creative fashion. No more basic black & white business plans for creatives. 

We will be drawing it out, painting it on and sewing it in ... so that when we get a bit discourage, we can pull out our visual maps and remember where we are going. 

and how did these creatives meet? ...

They met during Kelly Rae Roberts first e-class.
They learned to lean in to the whispers ...
They learned they too can fly

Their wings grew
Their courage grew

then they began to fly
some began to fly in pairs
many began solo single engine flights

turbulence, it was there
fear, was present too

but, they took flight anyway
some had to move far away to fly
one just moved a few doors down to fly
and then many just had to dig in again & again

their connection is flying
their journey is the distance