Alease: Defining my Target Market

School of Creative Business- Target Market Profile
I thought I understand who my target market was for my business. And actually I do, but Chp. 5 - Communicating Value made me visualize a better picture of my target market and their needs.

So this is what I did- I answered the following the questions.

Where they shop? Target, Amazon, consignment shops, Earth Fare, speciality boutiques

Where they don't shop? Major department stores, Wal-mart (too generic and too many people)

Media consume? fashion, interior design, & craft magazines; self help and up-lifting books; interior, craft & fashion blogs; thought provoking TV shows

Usage of Internet?  For research, shop and share photos with family and friends

Trade associations?  belong to very few trade associations. If they do it is career related- not passion driven

Trade shows? Attend only a few, maybe one a year or less. Don't live close to major trade show event. The travel too expensive.

Experts they follow?  those in their niche, but mainly for inspiration - not for business advice

Where do they look for advice? books, from other marketers, forums, friends in the business

How do they learn about products? Friends, family, blog recommendations

What competitor products do they use? read books written by business people - tend to wing it- a lot of products out there are not speaking to their niches or learning styles. Want quick and easy answers.

Demographics:  women, ages 25 - 50, urban-suburban areas, income: $30,000-55,000, education: a few years of higher education or more, Values- time, independence, spiritual growth, money, Work: education, service related areas, fashion

Demographic Trends: wants a life that's theirs. move away from corporate America - able to make their own choices- Can do all things it they believe

That was a lot to digest for me. But boy- did I learn a lot about my target market.