Alease: My Creative Thinking Supplies

Creative Thinking Supplies
Although I am an artist, I also think of myself as a little too technical when it comes to my brainstorming. I don't do much sketching in nice blank journals, but I do lots of mind mapping and note taking.

My main creative thinking supplies:
  • Lined Journal - easy to fit into my purse and at the bottom of each page are inspirational quotes.
  • Webcam - to share my thoughts and advice with my blog readers
  • Voice recorder - to record my thoughts while in the car
  • Colored Sharpies - Just like to see color on my pages.
  • Post it notes - to mark ideas in a book I borrowed from a friend or library.
  • Bubble Gum - a treat. Since the removal of my braces I've really enjoyed the process of blowing large pink bubbles and thinking at the same time.
More to come...
Peace & More Love,
Alease Michelle