Kelly: Brainstorming Objectives, Strategies and Tactics

This morning, I did some Brainstorming on things important to me and my business.  I discovered that I needed a bigger page or at least to write smaller! Oh well.  I got most of the things on the page.   In the very center is Balancing Family with Artwork, because that is the biggest thing for me.  My family comes first - always - and then artwork.  And if that means a few dishes stay in the sink while I dash off to the studio, then so be it.  Keeping my house spotless isn't on my brainstorming page, and probably won't ever be on there.  Not to say my house is dirty - it isn't - but I don't put away every single thing all the time! :)

The curious thing to me was that I couldn't decide where to put a couple of the bubbles.  Two of the strategies had blurry lines between them... I think I need to spend more time going through this strategy thing..

3 Steps to Creating Effective Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics.  Not my easiest journal page and obviously I need to spend more time here.  I think I will have to flesh out these ideas some more, and I definitely need to go through this process for several of the objectives.  It was hard to pick just one objective, but that is what I did here on this page.  You could use this for so many of your objectives or goals, and it would help you to lay out the baby steps you need to take.  That is one thing I have found about this biz stuff - if you take baby steps continually, you will be surprised at how far you can go!  And sometimes, the baby steps are SO much less scary than big giant leaps into the murky water.

Like the phrase goes:

   "How do you eat an elephant???"
   "One bite at a time!"

And that, my friends, is my strategy for getting through the scary stuff! :)