Kelly: Competitive Analysis

Haven't you ever looked up your competition online? Have you ever checked out their resume or their CV, or see what is in their Etsy shop, and for what price?  What you are effectively doing is a Competitive Analysis - checking out your competition! The Creative Entrepreneur recommends doing this, because there is so much to learn from others.  See what is working for them.  What kind of promotional tactics do they do, and does it work?  What is their target audience, and is it the same as yours??  I plan to do a bit more of work on this section.  This is just one part of the last chapter in the book, but here is the journal page I did earlier today on competitive analysis.
There is even more info I could add in this page, by really observing and researching more artists.  But this certainly gives me  plenty to think about! And besides, my page was getting full.  But the biggest thing I took from this exercise??  Is that my fear is getting in the way.  I think that I could be much closer to where these artists are, if I could just get over the fear and go for it.  So I am pretty excited to keep going with this plan, and put it into play.  What about you? Do you think you could be a lot closer to where you wanted to be, if you just tried? That's kind of an exciting thought - don't you think??

The other thing I have learned through this exercise is that I have got to work on my branding.  I have a big show coming up in March, and I want to have all my ducks in a row for that show.  I have recently made a change in my business and my branding needs to reflect that.  I think that by hiring or bartering for professional services, I will be much closer to having the branding I want by the time that show gets here.  This is another thing I have started to learn.  Figure out what you are good at, and outsource for the things you are not good at, if you need to.  That way, you get more time to do those things that you love, and what makes you artwork YOU!

So, I hope you get to thinking and brainstorming about your 2011 plan.  I know I certainly am!  Thanks for following us on this journey.   We will continue to flesh out these ideas here at this blog, and then we will all check in around June to see where we are in our objectives and goals.