Laura: Gifts & Flow

Chapter 2 of  The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam covers the “Creative Entrepreneur Mandala”…More specifically, 4 pathways:

  1. Heart & Meaning 
  2. Gifts and Flow 
  3. Value and Profitability 
  4. Tools and Skills
Below are a few questions/notes I jotted down from Chapter 2 regarding Gifts & Flow
Q: What do you do well with little effort?…A: jewelry, earrings, writing

Q: What comes naturally to you?...A: selecting beads, creating designs, social media

Q: What do people compliment you on that seems easy to you?...A: My jewelry creations, writing, social media, design

Q: What do you get absorbed for hours in doing?...A: Making jewelry, writing, social media, photoshop

Q: What feels like rowing against the current?...A: Proposal writing, database management

Q: You are most in flow when…A: When I'm relaxed and making jewelry with music on in the background; when I'm designing a website or online space and not under a deadline

Q: What are your unique gifts?, crafts, design, writing, social media

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