Robin: Dive Deeper in Strategizing

I mentioned how I have a very long list of weaknesses which I have finally acknowledged are getting in the way of my success.  Little nit picky things that would aid my product development to run more smoothly which I just haven't disciplined myself to just sit down and implement...

Thanks to The Creative Entrepreneur I have taken that list and brainstormed ideas on how to strengthen each of these areas.  This three step process includes:

  • Brainstorm things that need to be done to strengthen your business
  • Pick one and rephrase it into a tangible and clear objective
  • Strategize how to meet the goal/objective you have set forth
I love this idea so much I actually went out and brought a large spiral notebook and listed on each page the weakness I had listed.  I will knock each of them out one page at a time via this process.  I am indeed feeling the excitement rise as I move into my future.