Robin: Gathering the Tools

So I mentioned in my last post that my work from the first three chapters was put together on airplanes.  Here's what else you need to know.  I KNEW that I was going to work through the book  in kind of an odd setting so I prepared a spiral notebook with swatches of paint and fabric, inspiring sayings cut out of books, and pretty pens and markers.  I knew when the time came where this was not simply this fun idea but would call for me to DIG DEEPER, I would need to fall back on COLOR and SURPRISE on the pages as they turned.  And I will tell you that I was QUITE amazed at how some sessions, the exercise lined up PERFECTLY with what I had randomly put on the page during prep times (of course there were other times where it just seems WACKY!).  AND SOMETIMES I did an exercise out of order because something I stuck on the page put me in the space to tackle the work more effectively.

OK SO...

My tools included:

5x7 spiral notebook
colored gel pens
random scrap book paper
random swatches of fabric