Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sonya: Got my book!

Hey guys, I got my book on Friday and it's pure bound inspiration & more, I can't tell you how super excited I am about this marathon thing. After flipping through the book, I'm not sure exactly where I will start ... but I'm thinking I might start with my customer ... yes that's it ... my customer, I'll start tomorrow morning at ...

9AM MT by creating a collage of my ideal customer ... 

... you know when I think about it, I even know what kind of car she drives.

my first posting time is at 1 PM MT ... so, I should have the collage completed & photographed by then ...

check back here for Robin's post at 9AM MT  ... she's kicking this marathon off  ... no pressure Robin ... we love ya!

... followed by a post every hour for 25 hours ... cause it's a Creative Biz Marathon and we're stepping up our game before the new year gets here. How are yoU planning on stepping up your creative biz game for 2011?


  1. Sounds great! I know that Robin's kick off post will be great, and I'm so excited about getting our plans ready for 2011!

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  3. I want to get started. Every since you started planning this adventure, I've been thinking about my business more and mpre. I've had a few aha aha moments, which I plan to share in my soon to be post.

    Great job Sonya!