Laura: Soon We'll Be Flying!

In June of 2010, I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up for an e-course led by one of my favorite artists, Kelly Rae Roberts.  You see, my dreams about building something more than just a "hobby" from my jewelry-making and marketing/design work were whispering softly to me.  When I really listened in the quiet moments, I could feel and hear the dream even more clearly.

I didn't have many of the things that people will tell you are necessary...extra time, extra income, tremendous talent, a knack for business, etc.  But I had what I believe may be an even more powerful combination...passion, persistence, and patience. 

Thanks to Kelly Rae, I was instantly plugged into a talented group of entrepreneurial artists from around the world. I hadn't picked up a paint brush in 10 years! I'd never been formally trained on jewelry-making, didn't know much about natural stones, beads, or even jewelry techniques.  

Fast forward to 6 months later.

First, my jewelry-making dreams...
I've built a Facebook fan base of 400 or so people for my jewelry business, launched at Etsy shop and blog, Tweeted with so many talented folks, designed a logo, and created countless pieces of jewelry.  December was the busiest month to-date for my jewelry-biz, and the timing seems just right to be strategic and bold about my goals for 2011. 

Next, my online marketing biz...
What started out as a blog in late 2009 where I simply shared online tutorials/tips every week or so has evolved into a 5/day a week blog where I cover much more than online tutorials.  I talk about motivation, inspiration, twitter, facebook, and yes, tutorials.  My monthly visitation has gone from double digits to hundreds to now thousands.  I've designed websites, logos, packaging, facebook biz pages, twitter backgrounds, blogs, you-name-it.  And I've loved it! The downside? I have a long way to go with my pricing structure and work-life-art balance.  

So, I'm ready to dive into this Creative Biz Marathon.  The timing is right, santa brought me lots of yummy supplies, and I'm excited!