Sonya: Who's not on your list?

This is my 2010 Christmas post card from a store I worked at more than eleven years ago. I worked there for eight years. I help her build & move her business to it's current location. I cried with her each time she lost a furry family member. Why then is she not on my list? Who's not on your list?

You can't see it but at the very top of my What 2 stop doing list is preparing tax returns for friends & family ... I am not in the tax biz and although they love me, they have no desire to pay me ... what they would the people with the three letter green name. I loath doing my own business & personal taxes, but I do, because it's what we are suppose to do.  Maybe they don't take me seriously, because of me.

I will find a way to apply those very same skills and time to list building or creating a strong data base of my ideal customer. Empowered to Flower by this crazy marathon thing!