The Marathon Continues...Please Join Us!

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Thank you for following the first 24/7 (24 hours, 7 days) of The Creative Biz Marathon.  We are so glad you've joined us in this space.  Now that the first 24/7 of this journey is coming to a close, we're super-excited about following this journey / our hearts / our biz dreams even further in 2011! In fact, we've been so tremendously blessed by this experience that we aren't stopping now!

Here's how you can continue to follow our journeys...
1. Join the CBM email list.  We've created a handy sign-up process that will allow you to submit just one email signup form to join each of our email lists.  You'll be free to leave at anytime if you so choose.  We're sure you'll stay, though, because we're on a roll and can't be stopped! Email Signup form here and at the end of this post. Please subscribe!

2. Follow each of our personal creative biz blogs, and look for the "Creative Biz Marathon" tags there. We'll be tagging CBM related posts with a "Creative Biz Marathon" tag on each of our blogs (below), and would be honored if you stopped to visit.
3. Continue to visit the Creative Biz Marathon site...When we planned this marathon, things focused around the first 24/7 and a 6-month check-in.  Over the course of the first 24/7, we've decided that there's simply too much creative-goodness going on here to delay further postings and check ins.  Of course, the most activity will be taking place on each of our own blogs, so be sure to visit our personal blogs as well (see #2 above).   There will be lots of updates and goodies with you here in the coming days/weeks/months. Plus, we have a few very special posts planned for our 6-month marathon check-ins that you won't want to miss! We've added an RSS option for those who prefer to read posts in a reader.  

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