Friday, January 21, 2011

Robin: The Waiting Period

"For it is GOD who works in you to will and to act according to HIS good purpose"
Phillipians 2:13, New Testament of the Bible

So I looked up the following words in Biblical Greek, the original language in which the new Testament was written:

Work - to put forth power
Will - to desire, to wish, to be resolved, to determine
act (also "do") - be at work

For it is GOD who puts forth power to desire, to wish, to determine and to be at work according to HIS good purpose.

       There are times where I can feel this occurring in my life and I am not happy about the process by which GOD is bringing circumstances together.  But time and again I am AMAZED that while I think I would prefer to be in control of my own destiny (and to some extent I can unravel the good/hard/uncomfortable in my life) when I yield to the DISCOMFORT, the things I wish do not begin to compare to the things HE WISHES FOR ME...
      So while I am feeling my momentum waning, I realize I am downright exhausted. But I have to recognize the huge amounts of forward movement I have put into place and let the seeds root down.  And stop constantly gazing at the seeds.


  1. ... and let the seeds root down. And stop constantly "gazing at the seeds." Love it Robyn! I feel like you wrote this especially for me.:D
    I'm pondering this one... and as always, I thank you for your intuitive writing.

    I'm following your creative biz journey and am looking forward to learning through your process. Working with the Creative Entrepreneur Book too- start & stop... gazing at the seeds.LOL

    Thanks for your constant source of inspiration!

  2. wonderful post.. it's so hard to be patient.. I am exactly where u are.. xo

  3. I keep reading this ... in utter amazement of HIM