Sonya: A BIG dream exposed!

When I first heard that Kelly lives on this beach, I started dreaming.
I don't know if you know it or not but I'm a single Mom by choice.
What that means is at the age of thirty my doctor advise me to have a hysterectomy.
 I choose single Motherhood  as opposed to 0 Motherhood

I was thirty and having the time of my life
not thinking that my biological birthing clock was ticking.
The very moment he said I would likely not have children
was the very moment I wanted children. 

So my quest to become a Mother began.
I would lose my first at five months & almost my life.
& birth Lillian Grace into this world three years later. 
So much drama/pain in between
Lillian was born premature by emergency c-section
six weeks before her due date.

We stayed with my parents for three months 
and returned home with Kate
one of by best buds and my infant drama comforter
I make the best salads with ANNIE dressing because of KATE
Kate now lives on Folly Beach.

Do you see where this dreaming is going? 
Dare I say it out loud!