Sonya: external indicators

While looking at my taxes for last year. I noticed this profit & loss statement list seven categories of revenue. Of course today we label this row as income streams. Score has provided us with seven categories of income on this blank P&L statement.  Darren Rowse, a leader in the blog community, even shares this info on his blog. If your not following Darren, you should. 

Some pos·si·ble income streams for eastwindproductions & sonyamacdesigns 

01. Art
02. Licence art
03. Books
04. eBooks
05. Ad sells
06. Magazines
07. Amazon
08. eclass
09. Art Classes (community)
10. Affilate
11. Custom graphic design work
12. photography portrait
13. photography 
14. sewn products
15. patterns for sewn products

Man, that was easy, now it's time to do the work. Oh, and check out Small Business TV