Thursday, February 10, 2011

Robin: Creative Girl

You would think that as many creative business books I have read in the past year, I would reach a point where I have a solid formula in place.  Alas, this past week I again came to some realizations about how I am spending my time.  I will admit it.  My prices in my shop for my items have not been in line with the reality of how much time and care I take to give each individual who chooses to purchase an incredibly special connection.  So what tends to happen is I rush around with my mind all over the place because there are not enough hours in the day for the way I run my shop and the way I price my goods.  Does that make sense?
I am still at the place where I am justifying TO MYSELF the value of the work I offer to the world.  And I have had enough of it.  A worker IS WORTH her wages.  If I do not believe it, no one else will...

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  1. Well said Robin. Never mind about how many hours the piece took, you also must add in the cost of all that learning and practice. You are so worth every penny/cent!