Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sonya: thoughts on the first quarter

The first quarter is almost over. The calendar announces the arrival of Spring. Trees are blooming in Tennessee. But hold on to your seed packets, cause it's time to plant spring bulbs not seeds.

It's time to tally your first quarter results ...

It's time to note the results ...

It's time to work the old spread sheets ... adjust your numbers ... REVISE the plan ...  and anything else that needs adjusting, cause we're just in one quarter and the best is yet to come ... soon and very soon ... you'll be scattering seeds for blossoms in May.

I shared the outside of my game board HERE. This is the inside ... the green dots represents, my photography and video or shall I just say shooting pictures. Shooting pictures and videos allows me to communicate with any and everyone. That's why the green dot ... dominates the game board. So, I'm wondering what dominates your creative biz game. Let us all know in the comments. 

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