Alease: Heart & Desire

Me (Alease) with one of my Creative Entrepreneurs (Tara Davis)

In my last post- I mentioned that my goal is now to change the mind set of artist. Internet marketing is the key to our success in moving beyond the starving artist. At the event, I assisted Tara in marketing her event through video, social marketing and email marketing. All key components  in Internet marketing.

So you ask what is my heart?  Teaching and sharing what I know.
What's my desire? To learn as much about Internet marketing as I can.

The next picture is my action plan- mind mapping my thoughts. It's not a mandala, but it is the way I think.
Right now, as I write this post, I have two of my clients working on their Internet marketing plans. They are complaining about of the work. But I say to them- once you get it step up, the rest is easy.

After they finish their plans we will work on our stop doing list. Which will require them to hire a virtual assistant. I am happy for them and I am happy for me - as they grow I grow.