Kelly: Structural Tension

I never knew what to call this feeling of discontent I usually feel with my business.  I've been selling my artwork for a while now, but only last night I discovered what to call it.  Structural Tension is explained in The Creative Entrepreneur as "You know how it feels when you have decided you want a certain outcome but you are still living with things are they are before the desired change??"  There, that feeling!  That's the one I'm talking about! So last night, I broke out my PanPastels (which I love for art journaling, by the way!) and got busy working on this tension.
It was such a relief to spell out this scenario!  Now I know why this frustrated feeling often plagues me when it comes to my business.  Not to mention that I totally love the shade of purple from the PanPastel and I decided to use it again (although more sparingly) in the next journal page:

SWOT: Strengths, Weakesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  Last night, I really noticed that certain things were popping up again and again in my journal pages.  Things that I need to work on that will no longer wait to be addressed.  One thing I have noticed in my business practices is that I am bad about not following up on possible contacts and/or opportunities that come my way.  I just get sidetracked and forget, and the next thing you know, the opportunity has gotten away from me.  Yeah, well, no longer!  I going to tackle this thing, this creative business, and I will run it, instead of it running me.  I may get busy and get off track for a while, but I am promising myself to get going with it again, as soon as I can.

What about you? Are there things that you have just let slide by, until it was too late?? Missed opportunities or things you thought you weren't "ready" for?? I'd love to hear about those!