Laura: Takeaways from Pathways 3 & 4

Chapter 2 of  The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam covers the “Creative Entrepreneur Mandala”…More specifically, 4 pathways:
1.      Heart & Meaning 
2.      Gifts and Flow 
3.      Value and Profitability
4.      Tools and Skills 

In the video below, I talk about how Lisa points out that value and profitability are all about the CUSTOMER and the MARKETPLACE.  I believe that as important as these two things are, I’m guilty of overlooking them as an “artist”. 

In reviewing my answers/notes for value / profitability, here are the words that I used again and again, as they relate to my jewelry as well as my design biz:

Accessible ~ affordable ~ unique ~ handmade ~ sharing ~ helping ~ heart ~ training/tools ~ unexpected gifts ~ caring ~ above and beyond ~ blogging
Onto “Tools and Skills”, I have a video and takeaways to share as well.

“Don’t get good at what you don’t want to be doing”

Some of my skills I jotted down:
writing skills ~ sales skills ~ web design skills ~ marketing skills ~ social media skills ~ video/script writing skills ~ email marketing skills

What are the steps I will take NOW?

If you had to answer Lisa's question: "What are the steps I will take NOW?" regarding value and profitability, what would your answer be?  Most of us *know* what we need to do to grow our business, and it's often a matter of writing it down, making a plan, and setting a deadline for ourselves.