Robin: Chapter 2-Gifts/Flow Journal Pages

Journal Pages - Gifts/Flow
I love how a stream a questions help you give value to do it is you are accomplishing and how you are assessing/redirecting/trusting your instincts.  I find that I LOVE LOVE mixed media work and when I have an idea it comes INCREDIBLY QUICKLY which for some reason my head places LESS VALUE on it.  I have taken on a mentality that if you are not COMPLETELY hating the task at hand, you must not be working hard enough.

IRONICALLY, I had to take a moment to reexamine some of the WHYS of my product line.  I first started making a large tote bag - it is actually my first product that I got incredibly positive feedback on.  The problem:  they take an incredibly large amount of time to make!  AND I cannot get the price point to the place where it should be so that it is WORTH the time I am expending.  So in other words, people like it BUT NOT ENOUGH  to pay the actual value of it.  I have to let go of the idea that somehow I OWE THIS PRODUCT all this time because IT was the first one that produced success in my business.  

BUT is it really success when I cannot get the right price for the labor and materials?