Robin: Chapter 2: Managerial/Value/Profitability

Managerial Prompts

Value/Profitability Prompts

"The nature of entrepreneurship is the desire to innovate and offer something new, possibly something not yet financially proven in the marketplace." 
Lisa Sonora Beam, The Creative Entrepreneur

I am a manager at heart.  I love to create order out of chaos.  So the nuts and bolts of a thing once they are nailed in place, really help me to thrive. When I cannot see my way clear to the place I need to go, I feel very aimless AND I use my time wastefully almost as a means to SABOTAGE where I am going.  

What I love most about the section on Value and Profitability is that the questions offer the challenge of PRACTICAL DREAMING.  Questions like what "astonishes my customers" and How would others "evangelize my products" offer just the right amount of whimsy to get at the root of the question: