Robin: Chapter 3

Sensing Function - from my journal
The sensing function is definitely my most predominant area.  The one I need to fine tune a bit more is the acting function.  The words I wrote in the acting function area were filled with lots of revelations about my self.  I find quite a few DESTRUCTIVE ACTIONS in that area which include:
  • eating emotionally - I had NEVER CONNECTED this before to my need to gain control in my circumstances and my spaces of uncertainty.
  • maintaining a chaotic, disorganized workspace as a form of sabotage (I KNOW I cannot work well in that type of environment)
  • Isolating myself when I find my circle of friends misunderstand the changes I am attempting to make in this new arena of my life.
I wrote, "My problem is I need to come out of trying to convince my group of friends/acquaintances about what I am doing as the right decision at this time in my life and start CHARGING towards the seeds planted of new lovely relationships via Kelly Rae Roberts' course."