Robin: Chapter 4

"Put into YOUR world what you wish were there." - Pauline Rose Clance

I love the comments in the SWOT analysis area of this book: "Strengths and weaknesses cannot be the same." LOVE IT. You know how when you go to a job interview and you get that question about listing your weaknesses and you say something that is a masked strength?

"I care too much"
"I am committed to staying until the job is done, no matter what"
"I put others first and don't need the accolades; all that matters is the job was done right"

This was the GET REAL section: is your idea plausible?  Can you really make a profit from what you are doing? What is it going to take really?

I will admit it:  I had quite a long list for weaknesses.  The good thing is the weaknesses are within my control to change.  And I am committed to changing them.  I had no startling revelations.  I have realized there was work I needed to do in order to give this business a real shot.   It does not help that an hour after I did this exercise I had a meeting with my first boutique who said something to the effect of "our purchases will probably taper off after January."  Of course that makes sense.  After Christmas, retail plummets.  But it just made me realize the hustle is on and THE HUSTLE IS NECESSARY.  If indeed I REALLY DO want to succeed...