Robin: Chapter 5

The finish line my friends!  Ah...feels so good to be here.  I have a notebook FILLED with ideas and excitement and promise and encouragement and

Before I put my ideas on paper, it was just this thing that rattled around in my head.  So many times I would go to write these things down but something stopped me.. 
Fear that I would come to a question that I did not have the answer to.  Well guess what?  That did happen during this exercise.  But....NOT AS MUCH as I thought it would.  You see over the past year I have been thinking about this.  I have been actively and consciously thinking about and asking the right questions and I guess on some level FINDING ANSWERS.  

So 24 hours later, I am now armed with this information that gives me a REAL SHOT at success.  The next few days I will spend reliving the questions and thinking more deeply into the answers.  But for now, I will just be PROUD OF ME.  

Go ME!  Go YOU!