Robin: Clearing the Fairy Dust (aka Full Disclosure)

Approximately 48 hours to go before we begin this magical adventure (yes it really does feel like that before the hard work begins!).  I wanted to let you know a couple of things before the ball drops and we begin this marathon together:

1. I have an ABSOLUTE LOVE of business - My undergrad is in business and I am fascinated by what makes businesses succeed and fail.  

2. I am a list maker - I have lists of lists about other lists about a list that I need to make (and I am not kidding!).  So for much of this I know I will lean more on my comfort of making lists when the going gets tough in the creative component of putting together a business plan.  I LOVE how beautiful the pages look in The Creative Entrepreneur 
yet I know that my strong suit is LISTS.

3. I got a head start - About a month ago, I took my book on a trip overseas and worked on it while flying internationally.  I put in about six hours and got through the first three chapters.  This is my chance to finish what I started.  I will tell you that SURPRISINGLY the work came INCREDIBLY QUICKLY onto the page because I was ready to FINALLY put it down on paper.

Alright, now we are ready to start.