Robin: Commitment Brings EXPANSION

In the last 24 hours:

-I got my first student for my E-course
-I got an inquiry for an affiliate program for said e-course
-My web designer picked up a new client (3 this week) which means I am garnering more experience as a project manager

The 24 hours prior:
-I was feeling the effects of the holidays and taking on a seemingly insurmountable task (like writing a business plan in 24 hours!)
-I got word that a Christmas order had not arrived though I had shipped it THREE WEEKS PRIOR
-I was feeling overwhelmed by the weaknesses in my business plan
What does this all mean to me?  With my heart open and my passion strong?  With the flaws exposed and the reality setting in?  I still LOVE THIS THING OF MINE.  LOVE IT AND WANT TO PURSUE IT....