Robin: The Flitter and The Flutter

I mentioned over here that my business plan has sparked two great opportunities for me to move deeper into my dream to have a successful creative business.  With every new step of course there is a learning curve and that curve is where many well meaning and talented people quit.  So when I feel the momentum I know I need to move with it because I know that I am no one special when it comes to having the temptation to stop when the new thing seems too difficult to navigate.

So the two big steps I have taken this week is to begin marketing my e-course and setting it up as an affiliate program through e-junkie.  The second step is to begin writing a game plan for submitting my art to greeting card companies.  I am already on hour #4 in setting up this ejunkie program.  And I have the 2011 Writers market guide GLARING AT ME begging to know when it is her turn?  

BUT I am still moving forward.  My energy is still high.  My tenacity is taking over where "oh it's so simple" left off.  Once I can mark these projects as COMPLETE I will float back to my business plan and keep plotting my course.