Robin: I am an Artist

As I worked feverishly on this Creative Biz Marathon at a table in my local Starbucks, I heard the words, 'you are always here working so hard."  I look up to see a gentleman that I have seen often at this Starbucks.  And he is right.  I am like a madwoman when I come here to work.  I am a military wife whose husband is deployed.  I have no family ties here where I live and I have a 5 year old who is not in school yet.  She is enrolled in preschool for nine hours a week so, after drive time, I have about 7.5 hours to get done whatever I need to get done for this business I am building.  So the insanity of working a business plan in 24 hours - well that was about all I could spare so BRING IT ON!

Anyway, I let myself breathe a moment and chatted with the man for a few minutes and then he asked the question:  What do you do?  And for the first time EVER without any HESITATION I said,

" I am an artist."