Robin: Mandala

Robin's Mandala
Notes on the Mandala
I got to admit this: I was ABSOLUTELY skeptical about this exercise.  I have mentioned how much I love making lists.  I just really could not see what difference it would make whether I left my thoughts in list form or created the mandala.

BUT, I committed to experiencing this project FULLY and one thing I know I needed to so is remind myself how many times I have gotten at some revelation once I tackled the problem by another means AKA creatively!

I am sitting here right now looking at the original version and I am STILL AMAZED by how all these HUNDREDS of ideas I have that were floating around in my head are now down in one COLORFUL PLACE.  I can place it in my work space and it offers a QUICK BOOST of support and encouragement when I am tackling the not so fun parts of business.  It reminds me that I have a plan in place and I am working TOWARDS SOMETHING...