Robin: What's in Your Head?

From my journal pages
"This new opportunity we are moving toward sets up an inner conflict between where we are and where we want to be.  If that conflict becomes intolerable, we relieve the pressure either by lowering out standards or by abandoning the goal altogether." Creative Entrepreneur, p. 69 

I cannot tell you how much this one sentence is taunting me, nailing my thoughts to the wall and DEMANDING that I make peace with what I want to do with this turmoil.  Take the easy way out?  Haven't I done this so many times before?  Haven't I said I wanted to be unique, blaze my own trail? I want to appreciate the everything experiences of my life and give my take on them to the world.  A take so DISTINCTLY MY OWN that it would lend value to what I have to say, what I MUST DO.

So I keep moving through the work and I keep plotting the course before me, no longer wanting to be haphazard and random about my life.  KEEP MOVING FOWARD...