Sonya: Economy

I got Lisa's book in the mail on Christmas Eve, what a gift for my family and to me. I've always been this big idea person. And, when I get one of them, I rarely hesitate to share them. So, in the mail the day before Christmas Eve, I also received Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky. In this economy one needs a map or some type of GPS, made yesterday. 

Once I finally got my hands on the book and started flipping through it, I went out to the studio to see if I had some supplies. I was not surprised to find I owned everything I needed for this journey. That's kinda the way, things have been going around here lately.

Julie Stuart - making ideas visible

Most forms of travel require a map of some sort and extended trips and journeys require travel guides. One would not plan a trip, without first creating some sort of written plan and map. so why not use one for your business.

I'll be using the old scooby board game to create a map for my business, eastwind productions and with the old card file, I'll likely create a lift card file ... a file I can count on to lift my spirits in times of need.