Kelly: Obstacles of Life

Synonyms for "Obstacle"

The holidays are always fun and exciting, but I have to say, that this year I succumbed to the obstacles in my life.  I could have pushed and pushed and gotten some stuff done, but I ended up just doing the minimum and enjoying my holiday vacation.   I am not sorry I did that, as time with family is SO VERY important, but now I am facing a super long to-do list and a feeling of being very behind.  On my list are many things pertaining to my business and those are the things that will get some attention first.  That is one promise I am making to myself this year when it comes to my business.  To realize that it is okay if life happens and I'm thrown off-course, but then to get back on it as soon as I can.  I have noticed over the years that I am subject to the physical law of "momentum", and if I lose my momentum, it is so hard for me to get going again.  This year, I'm trying to not fall into that trap again.  

One way I am working to avoid that loss of momentum is that on the drive home from our holiday travels, I had my trusty notebook and started the MEGA LIST.  You know the one - it's the all-encompassing, every-single-thing-you-want-to-do list.  And it has grown since I've returned home, but I am also happy to report that several things have already been crossed off the list.  Tomorrow is a new day, and more will get crossed off then too!!  Now if I can just get all the Christmas decorations put away.....