Kelly: More Thoughts - Left Brain & Right Brain

Hi everyone!  I was without internet for a few days, so I am sorry that I have been absent!  I just wanted to stop in and share one exercise with you that I found interesting.  I didn't post this earlier during the marathon, but looking back at my journal, I liked this exercise.  I have always confused the different hemispheres of the brain and the thinking/feeling skills that come with each side.  This exercise helped me to understand which side handles what and to understand where the weaknesses are.  It's funny - the left side of the brain works, but only in fits and spurts.  I will go on a rampage, getting things organized, thinking about strategies and tactics, etc for a while, and I get to where I'm feeling great about things.  Then the next thing you know is POOF and all that is gone and all I want to do is avoid all of that stuff.  I see now that those times are when the right brain is dominant.  So my goal is to try and balance things a bit more and get the two sides working together more often, instead of working together only once in a while.

Another thing I want to do is to review all of the pages I have done so far at regular intervals.  I think I need to check in with these things every two months to make sure that I am on track with my goals and objectives.  I'll check my goals more regularly than that of course, but I mean the bigger stuff.  Making sure that I haven't veered off in some random direction that is taking me away from the bigger things.   You know how it is, you get an opportunity to do something a little weird, and you decide to go for it, only to realize later that it really took you off in a direction that you didn't really want to go in.

I'm still learning, and processing, much of the information in the book.  I am also learning from the other artists on this site who have been posting such personal revelations!  Stay tuned as we continue to learn and unfold this mystery - this scary thing called The Business Plan.

Happy New Year and here's to a great 2011!!