Robin: Decluttered


    I have had a stack of journals in which I have collected ideas.  There are about 6 of them.  There is no rhyme or reason to them.  Pretty little journals with random thoughts and dreams and ideas.  This collection began to wear on me about the same time that I committed to writing out my business plan for the Creative Business marathon.  How will I ever find the time to look through these? What am I missing out on?  Do I keep re-inventing the wheel of my creativity without realizing it?
   I have this same awful habit when it comes to pictures as well.  Files and files of pictures on my computer.  Random files simply listed by date.  No wonder I feel so scattered all the time.  No wonder I can't seem to think my way clear to a concise plan.  I have these stacks of randomness.

   Until this weekend...I look through the pages of the journals.  And guess what I found?  Most of them are only half way full.  AND most of the ideas I am ALREADY IMPLEMENTING.  And the pictures? Well that was not as clean and tidy.  In fact, that took hours.  LOTS AND LOTS of hours.  But that too is complete.

I feel CLEANSED and ready for my NEXT STEPS...