Robin: The First Few Days of 2011

I have seriously been running and gunning over here:
What I was finding it that I was creating NOTHING WITH MY HANDS.  And because of that it was beginning to feel like 'what is the point?'  And when it begins to feel like that for me, I want to just shut it all down.  ALL OF IT.  

So instead... I took a deep breath and realized my limitations.  I am still acting as a single mom while my mister is working in Germany.  I can only do so much in this capacity.  I have to say that to myself  ALOT.

All this to say, I decided to pull back on offering the Creative Course as an e-course and decided instead to self publish it as a workbook.  And I am getting very excited about the NEW POSSIBILITIES with this.  So I say all this to say, dreams AND TIMING go hand in hand.  And many times I am filtering through too much "good" things to push into the "BEST" THINGS.  Because the reality is they BOTH TAKE enormous amounts of energy.

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