Robin: The Waiting Period

"For it is GOD who works in you to will and to act according to HIS good purpose"
Phillipians 2:13, New Testament of the Bible

So I looked up the following words in Biblical Greek, the original language in which the new Testament was written:

Work - to put forth power
Will - to desire, to wish, to be resolved, to determine
act (also "do") - be at work

For it is GOD who puts forth power to desire, to wish, to determine and to be at work according to HIS good purpose.

       There are times where I can feel this occurring in my life and I am not happy about the process by which GOD is bringing circumstances together.  But time and again I am AMAZED that while I think I would prefer to be in control of my own destiny (and to some extent I can unravel the good/hard/uncomfortable in my life) when I yield to the DISCOMFORT, the things I wish do not begin to compare to the things HE WISHES FOR ME...
      So while I am feeling my momentum waning, I realize I am downright exhausted. But I have to recognize the huge amounts of forward movement I have put into place and let the seeds root down.  And stop constantly gazing at the seeds.