Sonya: Face it

4:25 pm CST : Face it Sonya, you too have a balance issue, and is there a better time and place to address this. Kelly did. You read it, now it's your turn. Let's get back to the book girl ... The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Beam.

5:47 pm CST : The right brain/left brain thing, I'm all over it. But, while working on this marathon thing with Robin, Alease, Laura, and Kelly many challenges came up, this was not something that we could stitch together. One of the challenges was how were we each going to know when to blog. Wow, this one totally caught my Right brain/left brain off guard. A few more kinks in the chain to resolve and we were off to the races.

HERE IS THE ah HA moment, after working all this math/time zone stuff out for this marathon I realized how to turn the unique combinations of words in my head into ideas for fabric design ... it goes something like this .... 3 unique word to me = 9 designs, because 3X3=9, so 6 unique words to me = 36 unique designs which equal a collection!

Like Kelly, I need to find ways to encourage myself to use more of my left brain, then my right brain will only grow in creativity.