Sonya: A moment of distraction

Today, this very morning I felt distraction pulling at me, no tugging at me as I had one of those I've been here moments. More than ten years ago, me and Leslie had this dream of these five women. Leslie designed & title them Women of Wonder. We dreamed up stories of all the good they would do in the world, with their design & make wonder. We even, used her image for a group art event. 

So, quite naturally, I started thinking that maybe, we were the women on the postcard. Distraction led to digging and once I found the postcard I realized, we are not these women of wonder. We are so much more. This band of five women, this unique multiplier is real and many times, throughout the past week, I've just had to stop and pinch myself. I'm on a roll now ... Lookout for lots to come your way today!