Sonya: Creative Biz Marathon EVIDENCE of plans in ACTION

I am loving the Right Brainers in Business Video Summit ... the energy and the momentum reminds me of dancing with the marathon JV's here ... right after Christmas, but before the New Year. And, as I checked out Kelly's new logo and FB pages, I noted other changes for the CBM friends and I would like to note some of them here as well.

Alease has an awesome new header and a FREE product offer and a paid product offer

Kelly's new logo and FB pages ... new business approach ... welding class

Laura is working on a prototype for her jewelry line and painting ...
Kelly and Laura have an ART meeting day

Robin has a new header and a new business approach ... working on a new website ...
self published My Creative Peace.

Soon I'll be reveling my new website/blogsite and I'm self publishing my first book as well

I'M SO HAPPY to have found a few Joint Venture Partners last year! So we could begin to work our plan this year!