Where are they now? An Unofficial InFlight Flyer Report {Sonya McCllough Lockridge}

It's been more than four years since we gathered in this online space for an around the clock business plan creation . So, I thought I would update you as to the status of the then Creative Biz Marathon Team. We are all still connected in some shape, form or fashion online and thankfully we are all still in flight! I can not begin to share with you what all has occurred in each life. But I know, without a doubt that we've all been on an adventure of wills because that is exactly what life is all about.
As for me, this week I am process of completing a Small Business Master Mind Class at my Bank and next week, we start the 2.0 version of the very same class. To have your banker as a life coach is no thing but a gift and I a thankful beyond measure. So, let's catch up with the original five creative biz flyers ... click on the links below to discover something new about ...

Alease Michelle 
Kelly Thiel
Laura Otero
Robin Norgren
Sonya McCllough

Coming soon ...
Creative Biz Marathon 2.0                                   
Creative Biz Marathon 2.0 Live