Robin: Chapter 1

I wrote a bit about my prep work to start this amazing journey OVER HERE

Today I find myself feeling the magnitude of what I am doing.  I am applying myself to "this idea I have."   I am validating it by taking the time to commit it to paper.  The reality is that I have spent many years ENCOURAGING OTHERS to live their passion that for some reason I never taken the time to make the investment in for myself.  Somehow I felt it less selfish to help others.  Now I realize it was fear on my part.  How much easier is it to risk on SOMEONE ELSE'S dream.  How easy it is to live vicariously through their successes.

What I realized more clearly this year more than any other is that when others realize their dreams that maybe YOU HELPED THEM TO REALIZE, they tend to forget that you were a part of the process.  And maybe it is as it should be since they did have the vision and they did have the capability and I/YOU was/were just the gentle breeze that they needed.  But when genuine happiness for the other turns to resentment, it is time to investigate the change of heart.

For ME, my heart was saying, " Your turn..."