Sonya: a bit of a head start for the CBM friends: The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit

I just downloaded my Right-Brain Business Plan Goddies ...  after registering for The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit (it's FREE)  and Lisa is in the line-up of creative  entrepreneurs shareN secrets! There's so many! The summit is February 28th - March 11th and Jennifer Lee has even created a day by day schedule for us. So, grab your  book today! ... oh it's  ... The Right-Brain Business Plan book by Jennifer Lee.

The goodies from  Jennifer include some awesome PDF's and spreadsheets. Since I already had my spreadsheet ready, I just moved my BIG numbers from my sheet to hers. A bit of a head start, would you not say! Yay, it feels like it's still my birthday!

The photos in this post are of the last page of my Creative Biz journal (the GAME board)  ... which folds out to revel all the steps of my game for this new year. inspired by Lisa and her book ... The Creative Entrepreneur .